Everything you need to know about Tire & Motor-Wheel for Ninebot Mini...
Everything you need to know about Tire & Motor-Wheel for Ninebot Mini...


 I ordered on Gearbest Seyoun brand tires (also sold on More4Mini). Prices and shipping costs very correct. He arrived in 9 days at the postal center next to my home.

La Poste Française and Swiss Post have merged in Hong Kong under the name of Ascendia. The tracking is perfect!

The small comparison, which is not worth much, between the weight of a used Ninebot tire worn on 2500 km and the tire Seyoun.

The Seyoun tire seems thicker around the edges, perhaps even discreetly reinforced on the flat.

We'll see after 2500 km ...


Tire pressure 3.1 bar or 45 PSI

Tires are tubuless, you can easily go into the woods

Disassembling the Wheel hub Motor

Dismantle eight M8*25screws with allen wrench _6mm to disassemble the left and right wheel hub motor.

Assembling Wheel hub motor

The wheel motor assembly is mounted to the corresponding position; pay attention to the wires of motor. (Note: The axle, clamps and the flat side of the motor fitted)

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How to prevent air leaks and punctures?

When using the Mini, the tire can leak air under the effect of weight and terrain

The tire is deflated and there are no traces of punctures

Using liquid silicone, it will "stick" the tire to the rim

The silicone is injected by unscrewing the valve from the valve

half a bottle of 125ml is enough

we screw again

we inflate the tire to the right pressure


It will surely be necessary to wait for the next shock that will let air out, then to inflate the tire again at the right pressure, so that the liquid "sticks" the tire to the rim, hardening


And in case of puncture, the liquid silicone will harden in contact with air

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