Everything you need to know about Fenders for Ninebot Mini...
Everything you need to know about Fenders for Ninebot Mini...

Removal of Fenders

Dismantle eight M4*12screws with a hex wrench _3mm to disassemble the left and right fender.

Mounting the Fenders

The fender sketches mounted on the fenders, Tightened screws

Great ! It's raining all week ! ADD-ONS FOR FENDERS

There are two types of mudguards on Mini :

  • rounds (the angle is almost 45 ° rounded)
  • and squares (the angle is almost 90 °)

The squares being those equipping the first versions of MINI Pro.

The square fenders offered more protection to the users face splash.

But as you can see, rounded fenders have equipped Mini, Mini PRO, Mini PLUS and Mini Lite and even LOOMO.




Why Segway-Ninebot validated this rounded shape which allows water to pass, the projections can reach the back of the knees, for economy ? For safety, so that users avoid driving in the rain? For lack of user feedback?

It did not stop users from finding solutions. But they all remain DIY, personal DIY. I will add my contribution, thanks to a Chinese user who posted the idea on the Chinese forum Ninebot.


I was also looking for something practical and aesthetic.

I did not find in France the protections for the mirrors of car of which spoke this Chinese user.

I ordered two pairs from my partner Gearbest.


A black pair for my Mini N3M240 and a transparent pair for my Mini PLUS white.

It takes just 1 euros a pair.


Shipping, tracking and shipping, everything went well.

When received, these protections are equipped with a double-sided adhesive backing.



The plastic of the transparent pair is more flexible than the black pair,


Their shape adheres perfectly to the edge of the fender thanks to a rim.

This allows a fixation from above the fender, because the curvature of the protection allows the rim to adhere to the mudguard.


On the contrary, it is impossible to install it under the fender.

Then, just find the right position for the bottom of the protection is not too low and close to the tire, otherwise the water passes over.

The protection is 17.5 cm long.


At the first test, I do not know if I had pressed the adhesive enough, but he took off shortly afterwards with the rain.


After trying both pairs, the double-sided sticker is not of good quality or is not wide enough. Or thick.

So I bought a double-sided adhesive specially designed for the outside, resistant to UV, water and temperature, adhering to any surface.


I start my second test with this new adhesive, again I did not have to squeeze it properly because one of the two sides took off.


The adhesive is thick, there is a sticky surface and under a foamy surface, compressible, then an adhesive surface.


When the adhesive is removed, there are pieces stuck to the mudguard, they are easily removable.

Third test:


I also took into account the length of protection, so I shortened it to 14 cm, to avoid a point of strength, indeed the edge of the protection is thicker.


Then I put the adhesive, and I pressed for a long time on the whole length, by pinching well. And I left one hour to adhere by pressing again a few times but it has not taken off. 


Well it works, it holds well, it's been 5 days.


I drove in the rain, in the puddles, it was wet, and it did not take off.


After 4 days, the adhesive did not damage the mudguards


So we have an easy-to-install fender extension solution, easy to remove, effective and at a ridiculous price: 1 euro per pair and the price of double-sided quality (5 euros).The 1.5 meter long adhesive roll will allow me to change it six times.


The disadvantage is that it takes each time removing the remains of the adhesive on the mudguards, but also on the protection, to replace it with new. 


But hey, it's just happiness to finally roll in the rain without projections (or a few drops), and more aesthetic level, it's great! We can plane the sides if it exceeds too much, a big scissors and it's done.

Part of the plastic protection is peeled off the adhesive, just press it hard  avoid rolling in puddles, it is dangerous anyway, we risk an aquaplanning.  


I advise you to buy several pairs. To adjust the cut according to your personal requirements, if you need to make a long drive, I suggest you buy protection for shoes (front shoes) and especially, on a rainy day, remember to close the cover of the connector, for the Mini PLUS the water goes anyway, pay attention.