Warning {20/02/2019}


Since last year, the menu dedicated to the camera in the Segway Ninebot application, is no longer in English but in Chinese.


It seems that Segway Ninebot has abandoned the support of the camera, the firmware.

I do not recommend buying it


Choose a sporty 4K camera or a drone instead

Order, Unboxing and Replacement part

I ordered the PanTilt from my partner Gearbest, I received it in less than 10 days


The PANTILT Camera, accessory of the Ninebot Mini Plus, was designed by FEIMI technology two years ago to equip the Xiaomi "Mi Drone" drone. The YTXJ01FM is the 1080P version.

In the application tutorial thumbnail appear two cameras, and there is a version for the 4K drone, one can imagine that a version 4K will be placed on the market also. 



PANTILT is composed of three elements already assembled, and it is not too difficult to disassemble them, but I would not risk it a second time:

- The camera: Sony Exmor P sensor with 16M pixels, can shoot at a 1080P wide-angle resolution of 104 degrees at 30 - 240fps. Also films in Time Lapse (1080P 0.1s - 5s) and Slow Motion (720p 2X 4X)

- 3 axis gimbal stabilizer. the camera system incorporates three motors which serve to stabilize the camera

- The adapter that allows the Mini Plus to power the camera (the camera has no built-in battery, it is powered only by the Mini PLUS), you can not use the camera without the Mini Plus (in holding it by hand for example)


It comes with a user manual in Chinese, which I translated quickly in English and French.


The box also contains a spare cover / valve accompanied by an explanation sheet, in Chinese (you will find the translation at the beginning of the manual).


Many of you and I have had this manufacturing defect, the hooks of the cover break when opened or after a few openings.


The hooks curve inwards and the round side openings are too large, they cause the fragility of the hooks.

The part provided is identical in all respects, except one, it has been designed only for a seal leakage of the adapter which contains a seal.

It is therefore necessary to remove the seal of the old valve / cover and transfer it to the new one.


In no case did Ninebot communicate about the broken hooks.


Once the clamshell / cover is replaced, the problem remains the same, the hooks will break again soon.

The valve is not completely waterproof, the water passes, the dust too, without opening, it is very easy to put a small breath of dry air / air duster.


If you do not intend to buy a camera, I do not recommend opening it.

AA01= original

AA02= new

Connect the camera to the phone with the application


That's the hardest thing. My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo phone from 2014, which runs on Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), which has the Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band (so 5Ghz), DLNA, WiFi Direct, hotspot, would normally see the camera.

(The bluetooth version is 4.0 and the connection with the Mini is difficult)


Well no, impossible, even by disabling the transfer of data from the operator, unable to connect the camera.

You can find the specifics of the wifi of your phone model on the GSMARENA website.


It seems that Iphones do not have this problem.


This can also come from the Android version, indeed, I went with the camera and the Mini Plus in a mobile phone store and I activated the wifi on all models, and those who had Android 7 (Nougat) , received the signal.


I ordered a receiver 5.8Ghz for drone, which connects to the micro USB port of the phone, the receiver scans well but can not find the camera.


Finally, Gearbest graciously provided me with a Xiaomi phone.

It's a Redmi Note 4, I chose it for its global version, its 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac wifi, dual-band

(His bluetooth is in 4.1 and connects to the Mini instantly)


So, it works, but under these conditions:

It is necessary to choose the region Korea or China in the telephone, once inserted a sim of a French operator, this choice is removed and automatically the phone passes under the European CSC.

So I chose this Redmi Note 4 for the eventuality that it would not work, to be able to install a Custom Android 7.2.2 Lineage OS ROM.

Why ?


I have a tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 DE 2012.

I had installed an Android Lineage OS 7.1.2 ROM, and the connection with the camera was almost perfect, except that the app is not optimized for tablet viewing.

So I got the twinkle of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, and I installed the Lineage OS Rom.

But it is not finished. I open the Ninebot application, I'm connected to data internet with my operator, I connect to the camera, it's the black screen.

I disconnect from the network after opening the app, then I can connect to the camera. The screen displays the interface.


That's solved.

The tutorial

In the application, in the "settings" menu, you have the tutorials (Mini, remote control, camera), you have access to the tutorial of the camera, you have to scroll down to find it.

It is entirely in English.

The video with the Pantilt

There are four video modes, In the order of the drop-down menu you have:


- Time Lapse: so I did not understand why the screen was not showing, but it works and rather well as you will see in my videos. Before recording in Time Lapse, make adjustments and adjustments by taking a photo and checking its rendering.

Once in Time Lapse or another mode, you will not be able to change the exposure values etc ... 


Time Lapse options
Time Lapse options

- Slow Motion: here too, you'll see that slow motion does its job in my comparative video 

Slow Motion options
Slow Motion options


- Video (normal)


- Small video, low resolution designed to transmit via sms or mail



Very weird but every recorded video gives a _THM version which is actually a low resolution copy. In Slow Motion mode, the copy does not give the slow motion effect, it gives a normal video rendering. For the Time Lapse by cons, the copy also gives a video in Time Lapse.



I have not found or it is not developed yet, it is the route pattern mode for the Mini and the camera.


Note that you must disable the screen timeout, for the Time Lapse mode. Otherwise, the recording stops.





For example, in Time Lapse, for a value of 1080p / 1s, ten minutes of recording give about twenty seconds to visualize and a file with a weight of 50MB

Ride in Mini Plus while filming

So that's a bit difficult and I'll explain what it's all about.


The three-axis stabilizer is perfect at 99%, but given the risk of the Mini before falling, the camera and its base are in the middle of the Mini. But on the side there are your legs ... And in some corners, and with a certain PTZ mode, your camera will turn to your left knee or your right knee.


In the order of the drop-down menu at the bottom center of the screen we have:


- PTZ Default: this is the normal mode, you turn, it turns

from app : "In this mode, the pantilt is in a steady state and can achieve pitching and heading. The stability of the roll is increased in three directions. The heading shaft rotates smoothly as the car rotates. The same relative angle between the pantilt and the body is always maintained".


- PTZ Direction Lock: you block it in the desired direction, the Mini turns the camera remains fixed in one direction

from app : "camera is fixed in one direction and stay in that direction without following the vehicle or the beacon (remote control) movement."


- PTZ Following: it follows you with the remote on, but it remains on the Mini also turns but in place, if you activate the Follow Me mode, the Mini will follow you at the same time as the camera.

from app "In this mode, camera angle will be adjusted automatically according to the distance between the vehicle beacon (remote control)."


- Front of PTZ: the Mini and the camera follow the same movement

from app : "In this mode, the PTZ will always be heading in the direction of the vehicle. This mode can be used to monitor the front of the vehicle in real time when using the over-the-horizon remote control."


-, Surround shooting: not used yet is the 360 ° mode


- And the last menu in Chinese is under development.

Some pictures taken with Pan Tilt Camera

Pan Tilt User Manual by Mini-J

Pan Tilt User Manual by Mini-J
manuel anglais avec mjw light.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 2.0 MB