Little feedback about an offroad tire for Mini Plus

I bought these two offroad tires modeles.

They are made in good quality.


But there is a problem, they are not compatible with the MINI Plus.



Install them was very easy, but on the first try, the tires rubbed the inside of the mudguards.


I have everything dismantled, I saw that the internal grooves of the mudguards were covered with black rubber.


I cut off those internal ridges.



Now it's better, it rolls well, but in the turns, the tires are rubbing at the mudguards.


In addition, riding is really uncomfortable on the road, on wooded land, country roads, it's very good, on the road, a vibration is felt...


The riding is very unpleasant. 


Look closely by zooming in on some pictures of the ad ...What can we see?



Yes, it is not really specified but the tires were deliberately melted on their inner sides ...


It's a bit of a scam, since the seller did not explain it.


Conclusion: I do not recommend the purchase of this offroad tire model for the Mini Plus, it is better for the Mini & Mini Pro, in customization, the fenders are more easily modifiable. For the Mini Plus, the fender / pad base can not be split.