And here I hear you shouting at me... when i answer "There are not any..."



Mini PLUS N4M340= Chinese market, branded MIJIA-Ninebot & Mini PLUS N4M350= World market branded SEGWAY-Ninebot




 XIAOMI invested in startup companies (Ninebot, Fimi etc...)with the help of, Sequoia Capital , is an American venture capital firm who invest in technolgy innovation., and have a Chinese branch, Sequoia Capital China who has invested into Ninebot. 


The EUC Ninebot One (2015) did not benefit from the Segway patents, it is from the Ninebot S2 that the Segway patents are used in the Ninebot technology.

The Mini N3M240, N3M260, N3M320 have Segway technology, inspired by Ninebot's first personal transporter.




There are no two manufacturing plants for the Mini, one for the N4M340 and the other for the N4M350, the Mini Plus N4M340 & N4M350 are manufactured in the same factory. 

Whenever Ninebot releases a product, it immediately has FCC certification


The Mini N3M240, which many believe is exclusively reserved for China, was in fact allowed, as soon as it was released in China, to be sold, marketed all over the world. The N3M240 was mentioned with N3M320 in FCC authorization.

There is not a different firmware for the Chinese version or the World version


There are only two elements that differ from the Chinese version: the charger and the packaging 


The charger


American charger is in 2A (please look user manual, charger specs


or european like Netherland


Chinese charger is in 1.5A



That's all !

"And the speed!" You will tell me...




About the speed


Chinese Mini PLUS N4M340 : max speed 18kmh


World Mini PLUS N4M350 : max speed 20kmh


Please, you must understand:

when Ninebot says "maximum speed", 20kmh, it's not the cruising speed.

20kmh is the peak reached at the maximum speed


With my Chinese version of Mini PLUS N4M340, i could reach up to 24kmh / 21kmh ..., but only 3 seconds  ! I checked with an alternative running application in bike mode


Segway- Ninebot is playing with people's words and understanding !


A future buyer sees on the Segway Ninebot N4M350's specsheet:  "maximum speed 20kmh", he thinks " I can ride at 20kmh", but it's not a cruising speed, you can ride in cruising speed 17kmh, 18kmh, 19kmh and you can reach peaks of speed beyond 20kmh, but only a few seconds before the tiltback helps you brake, lower your speed.


A future buyer sees on the Mijia Ninebot N4M340's specsheet "maximum speed 18kmh", he thinks " f*** i can only ride at 18kmh" but in reality he can ride in cruising speed 17kmh/18km/h/19kmh, like the N4M350, and can reach peaks of speed beyond 20kmh too.


Since the cruising speed decreases with the use of the battery (driving attitude, outside temperatures, land, user's weight)

never Ninebot will be able to mention a cruising speed !


Ninebot writes "maximum speed 20kmh: it forces the Mini to roll slower, cheating on the cruising speed, lowering it by 1 or 2 km / h

it's a fraud


in France this style of commercial argument and distorting the speed limit is considered a fraud towards the consumer.