1/Ask your salesperson to help you activate it, otherwise


2/Ask a Chinese trader for help, he will surely have a mobile phone with a Chinese operator (carrier)

or Chinese students, they will help you

The Regional Blocking

The MINI is blocked:

Since April 2016, all MINI sold Xiaomi may be a blockage since its activation.

It is necessary to have a mobile telephone number in China.

Once inside, an SMS containing the activation code is sent.

60 seconds is imposed to enter the activation code

For example, a connection via SKYPE with a Chinese partner was effective


You can seek the help of a Chinese tourist, but you need to be with the MINI, do not forget to thanks him (5 euros for price SMS your country>China>your country) Invite him to have a drink!



“Greater use of this model is limited due to the different product activation methods, this model can not activate the product for use in areas beyond Greater China (mainland China Greater China region comprises Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan)”


photo/foto/picture from Abasco - membre/miembro/member

For Xiaomi Mini models purchased after 1 April 2016, an Activation Code may be required.


We ask you a mobile number in China to enter the form, an SMS with the code is sent, you then have 60 seconds to enter the code.


In my case, I bought the Mini before April, I did not have this problem, just an email is enough.


There are several solutions:


1 / Contact your dealer, arrange an appointment via SKYPE


2 / Use VPN as explained on the forums