segway ninebot s pro mini pro N3M320 N3M260 issue warning defect broken parts


Battery Dead On Arrival : 2 solutions

Solution 1 (thanks to MR H)

The Mini PRO is under warranty


You put it in charge 24 hours


It is possible that the charger has gone into safety mode, so during its charging, it has micro-cuts.

So the charge will be very slow.

After one night, the battery will have received enough charge,

and normally the Mini and the charger could resume their normal cycle


solution 2 (thanks to smallexis)

The Mini PRO is not under warranty


If you have electrical knowledge


Check battery voltage



if the volatge is between 42 and 45V, it's possible to try this : 


The Mini Pro are now too old to sell.


They came out in November 2015, then there were others made in June 2016, if the batteries are over a year old, without being recharged, they do not turn on anymore.

Mini Pro buyers in France and the United States testify that they can not turn on the Mini PRO.


Do not buy Mini PROs that have been stored for too long

Last week I saw a Mini Pro in a shop, it has not moved for a year, the tires are deflated, I imagine that the battery has never been recharged


But a Mini Pro buyer import from China has not had this problem, more recent manufactured in 2017 (see pictures below).

Since they were activated in China before being sent, they are therefore in working condition


Ask the seller the production date, tell him it's because of the batteries.

There is a sticker on the cardboard, the year appears.

If it's 2016: do not buy it



Thanks to More4Mini





16 = year


36 = week


T = rev code


0738 = serial number


If it's a Mini Pro or Mini build in 2016, please , forget it !

Extract from the user manual for the battery maintenance Mini PRO 

below a Mini PRO, functional, imported from China produced in 2017    (thanks to @aniax urban forum member)



About chinese Mini Pro

number model is N3M300

production date is 2017 because Mini PRO was released last april 10

below, news about, from my blog (09/05/2017)


Since last April 10, our Chinese friends can enjoy the MINI PRO as we know it, that is to say with a battery of 800w and an unreal autonomy of 30 km (25km max really).

Its price: 464 euros ! 507 dollars (3499yuans)


Source: CHINA MONEY NETWORK of May 04, 2017"


#BodyframeGate :D


For modeles Mini & Mini PRO


 What i suggest to everybody?


Please remove battery for check bodyframe state

and take care on the road


CHINA 22/02/2018

CHINA 21/01/2018

CHINA 04/01/2018

Last january 4, a chinese owner had accident with this bodyframe defect

original page:

He said:

"As usual, riding a small nine to work, just go out not long, normal driving on the road, the chassis is broken, people fly. . .

A while scared, but fortunately there were no other large vehicles around. . ."


FRANCE 17/12/2017

KOREA 18/11/2017

Mini PRO korean user broken, soyrce Segway app NFAN - KOREA

RUSSIA 20/07/2017

It's not the first time i hear about this, our friend @Alex Markin last july experiment the same accident, it's exactly the same bodyframe's part

Other country 02/07/2016

Well, there's another case similar too inside topics...july 2016 @jeremyg