segway s mini N3M240 QBE4015RT

4 years later, QBE4015RT is officially sold in Europe


"Mini is not dead"


"QBE4015RT" who ? :blink: 

"QBE4015RT" or called N3M240, the first Mini


For those who do not know the story, here is a summary

September 29 2015 released an European Certificate of compliance with for Mini Pro N3M320 and Mini N3M240

December 3 2015, FCC autorization is released too for the Mini PRO N3M320 and the Mini N3M240


Ninebot's strategy has been to never sell the Mini in Europe or the USA

An agreement with all official dealers of Ninebot products worldwide

The goal was to sell very expensive Mini PRO when it was released in November 2015, around 999 euros for a Mini PRO...


In China Mini N3M240 is selling for 1999 rmb= 260 euros=295 dollars


Now, With the arrival of XIAOMI stores (MI STORE) in Europe, they finally introduce the Mini on our market


But the price is still expensive , Enter "QBE4015RT" in Google, and you will see sales prices anywhere in Europe between 399 euros and more than 400 euros


The maximum price of the N3M240, in my opinion, can not be above 350 euros: 


I have a Mini N3M240, I paid 550 euros in 2016, I made more than 4,000 kilometers with, I stayed at firmware V117, it is flexible, convenient to drive, lightweight, but its battery does not really does not allow more than 17 kilometers of pure ride. While 22 kilometers are announced with a fully charged battery.