InMotion E2 & E3




 InMotion China finally brings us the direct competitors to Mini Lite, Mini "S" and Mini Pro .


In equivalence of the well-known model, the Mini "S" of Segway Ninebot Xiaomi (blablabla), we have the InMotion E2

The E2 is sold in China for 1699 RMB, 247$/ 217 euros against 1999 RMB or 290$/257 euros for the Mini S in chinese market


In the Mini PRO equivalence, we have the InMotion E3, which is sold in China at the price of 2999 RMB is 436$/383 euros against 3699 RMB is 515$/457 euros for the chinese market.


For batteries, we have the same in 18650, tire are 10,5", speed, mileage, are the same than Segway Ninebot modele


No innovation from InMotion, except pink color 😍


For Mini specialists, especially those who have already had the courage to disassemble, I invite you to look closely at the internal photos of the FCC, I see you already laugh ....😋


I asked INMOTION if I could try this new model, I did not have any answer...(they never thanked me for the V5F, the V10 ...)



Commercials pictures , options with kickstand and handlebar are available...

InMotion E2 - E3 User Manual
Document Adobe Acrobat 2.2 MB

InMotion E2-E3 VS Ninebot Mini Lite, Mini "S" & Mini Pro

Exclusive FCC Photos - External Views

Exclusive FCC Photos - Internal Views