Mini-J banned from the Segway-Ninebot app since September 2017

Yes, 4 month ago, after publishing a good deal on the Mini PLUS and many others nice public post (into each regional group) "Hello world" "have a good week"....


Segway Ninebot moderator block my voice for public post, and for "Like" other members's post


I only can receive and send private message


My LV (grade) have changed too, i pass from LV6 to LV1


It was my first social media after forum, i don't have Facebook or twitter, i was very happy communicate with this app, i have a lot of followers (100 ...)


I asked to Mr Wang, said "now all is ok, no problem" but it was three month ago...


Last month too.... I don't speak chinese, just a few japanese, but when a chinese people said you "yes it's ok" maybe it means the opposite ?


Is this censorship?


My topics in forums and my blog promote the Segway-Ninebot brand for free....



Well, how an international brand like Segway-Ninebot can moderate his international users with only chinese laws ?


 exemple of one of my "cordial saludo" in NFAN