Mini-J celebrates its third birthday ! 

50,474 visitors from more than 152 countries ! 😘😘😘

It's a huge honor for me ! 😊

Mini-J, since its creation (19 MAY 2016), is not a "blog" like the others.

As you can see, I don't publish much. My website is really untidy...😋😋

Mini-J was born in 2016 to answer questions from all Mini users.


Created by a passionate for all enthusiasts.

It's a huge job to have collected so much informations and I am very happy to be able to share them with you !


Mini-J was not at its beginning a commercial site, as are the majority of current blogs, immediately online, immediately affiliated with marketplaces and resellers of electric vehicles.

These bloggers are not passionate, they are professionals in communication and marketing, their only goal is " Money 🤑🤑🤑 ". 


Mini-J has made money too, thanks to the affiliation, thanks to you, and it seems that it is finished, now.



Mini-J, or my nickname "Jojo33 " on EUC Forum and " Jojo33 " on Urban360 Forum, these are human values of mutual help and solidarity.

These values are rooted in me since childhood.

I am proud to have helped many users over the past three years solve their problems

Sometimes, to get a solution, I had to go very far in provocation.😆

I am proud to have also published something other than advice or tips: calls for donations for victims of natural disasters, or for the defense of wildlife, or animals in general.

Environment, Nature, the respect for LIFE I have, I know that many of you share this same interest.


Ride a Mini, love Nature and be solidarious is perfectly logical...A self balance...


We must all be worthy of our Time, of our choices in terms of mobility regarding our impact on the environment, but also to be even more united with each other !


To all Mini users:

Do not get upset, if it's not going as fast as a kick scooter or an EUC !


Enjoy this speed, stop yourself, take the time for share the practice of the Mini to all those you will come across, it's only happiness to share, to explain how a Mini works. 

Some of the people, whom I have let tried my two Minis, since three years, will never have the opportunity to buy one.


The Mini has a sociable capital that is stronger than an electric scooter or an EUC.


Be as attentive, on your way, you can see more details, and even help save an animal in distress, like i did with my Mini, many times. 

Soon as possible, i will publish a special page for One Z hack and Mini Hack.

I'm waiting only to see what's will happen with last kickscooter hacking facts, this could be change all hacks used today. 

I am more than 9687 Km / 6019 Miles, of road in Mini,

(5 555 Km / 3451 Miles with my Mini Plus and 4132 Km / 2567 Miles with my Mini "S")


The Mini are not perfect, but they are particularly successful.


We are only at the beginning of this revolution affecting personal electric mobility.

Other models, with more innovative technologies, new brands, the coming years will be exciting for the pioneers of electric mobility that our user community forms.


Keep the passion !

Thank you for your support ! 😘😘😘