Segway Ninebot Mini PLUS Prices: a very bad news


Since the official announcement of September 2017 at IFA Berlin, we have been waiting for the real launch price of the Mini PLUS.

As a reminder, the Mini PLUS sold in China is 3499 元 is 446 euros or 530 dollars and is manufactured and distributed in China with the American national standards ANSI / CAN / UL-2272.

Ninebot has thus become SEGWAY-NINEBOT, so that their products get more confidence from the consumer.


So, many websites "Ninebot" disappeared gradually.

Today, everything is SEGWAY.COM. The European site of SEGWAY-NINEBOT is, the French site is, and progressively new sites appear under this formulation of address. (see the list


It is interesting to see that the Mini PLUS is announced, in some countries, in presale, around 850 euros.


What differentiates the Chinese model from the PLUS N4M340 and its model at the international N4M350?


Very few technical differences.

Very recently, changes have been needed to the radio frequency emissions of the Chinese model presented to the FCC last June. There is therefore a readjustment of radio frequencies Mini PLUS that get in compliance with US law and indirectly with European legislation.


The charger is also naturally concerned and the packaging.

For the rest of the technical parameters, they are identical between these two variants.


The maximum speed announced at 20kmh internationally and 18kmh for the Chinese model, is just an interpretation, a story of appreciation.

A Chinese PLUS Mini can go over 21kmh in top speed, and between 18kmh and 19kmh in board speed

It will be the same for the Mini PLUS International.


There are no specific firmwares or applications specific to the regions of the world.



A very bad news : $1000/ €838 the price of Ninebot Plus

I was looking for information on the price at which it would be sold and I came across this article, released at the conference of SEGWAY / NINEBOT at IFA 2017 Berlin

For the oldest buyers of the Mini Pro, this will remind you the starting price of the Mini Pro...

excerpt from the article about the price: 

(source- 8 31 2017-: "Hardholdt" Segway Europe president Dennis Hardholt )


"The miniPLUS, meanwhile, can serve as a bit of a toy or a pet in addition to carting you around as fast as 12 mph and as far as almost 22 miles. If personal transportation gets boring, you can drive it via Bluetooth with a smartphone app or instruct it to follow you home. It will also accept an optional 4K camera, because no consumer device seems complete these days without an ultra-high-definition video-capture system.

That won’t come as cheap, though; Hardholdt predicted a $1,000 price tag at its Q4 debut. That may be a tough sell, but at least nobody’s trying to suggest this two-wheeled conveyance will change the world."


Unfortunetly, for us, europeans, To convert 1000 dollars in euros, European sellers prefer to simplify by fixing the price in euros on the US price: $ 1000 = 1000 €  (actually $1000= ‎€838)

For new owners of Mini, if you are surprised at this starting price, you who had paid $ 550 to Amazon, I invite you to watch the price fluctuations of the Mini Pro on the year 2016,



(there are pretty graphics)

I could advise you to buy it now in import, its current price is correct, the original price is 3499rmb =449 euros/536 dollars
Prices of resellers currently vary between 558 euros/$665 and 1000 euros/$1192
you can see some prices I have inventoried on Ebay or on Aliexpress
What is certain is that import prices will increase until the official release of the PLUS in the USA and in Europe, then they will drop a bit