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Ninebot / Segway has now officially released the SEGWAY Mini Plus and the Segway MiniLite




- The Segway miniLITE has a maximum speed of 9.9mph, with a range of approximately 11 miles, and can be precisely steered with the knee control bar. It features customisable LED lights and the knee control bar is doubling as a handle to easily lift the miniLITE, while the fool-proof rider detection prevents riders from falling. Wider and larger wheels have been designed to make this a comfortable yet sturdy product to travel over tougher terrains while maintaining balance. As a safer and fun alternative to the hoverboard, this is a great choice for children and teenagers during gift season.

miniPLUS - The Segway miniPLUS is the most exclusive of the mini-series. With special features including the Follow Me mode which can be enabled through the remote control, this product is designed not only as a vehicle but doubles as a travel companion. The self-balancing miniPLUS can reach up to 12mph and travel up to 21 miles. Additionally, like all the products in the mini-series, riders can personalise their ride with customisable LED lights. 


Stay smart and up-to-date

Both additions to the mini-series can monitor statistics and vehicle through the Ninebot by Segway app. The app makes it possible to check speed, mileage, battery status and enables users to be updated and connected with other users nearby. While the main model Ninebot by Segway miniPRO is already available in stores, the two additions Segway miniLITE and miniPLUS will be available in the course of Q4 2017. Specific pricing will be announced at that time. 



Ninebot announced this morning at the ASIA-PACIFIC conference its new models that will be released by September for the countries of the asia pacific zone

(South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions of the Asia-Pacific region)

The Mini Lite is intended for children over 6 years






N4M340: THE NEW MINI "PLUS" for 514 Dollars

It has just been announced at the XIAOMI conference, so here is the N4M340 or NINEBOT "PLUS"

Announced with an autonomy of 35 km (in truth one would turn to 28km ...) and a speed limit at 18kmh

A Follow-Me mode, a remote control, a compartment for the optional addition of a same branded camera,

Tires bigger with their 11 ", the machine always with the IP54 standard, the battery it will be under IP X6, it will take 5 hours and half to recharge

The problem of the mudguards is where Ninebot has not yet learned or understood!


Weight is 16kg


It is on sale at 514 dollars ! Release next July 11 in China


I let you discover the photos and the technical sheet



The problem of the mudguards is where Ninebot has not yet learned or understood!



FIRMWARES V1.2.2/V1.2.7/V1.2.8: 29 659 Mini "RECALLED" officialy by Ninebot China...

How Ninebot recognizes a defect (software algorithm problem) in his frmware year later!


It's available for the MINI PRO TOO because Mini Pro N3M320 didn't be sold before last may for chinese customers

Personaly i including the V1.2.8

 { V 1.2.7 RELEASE 13/05/2016  V 1.2.8 RELEASE 24/05/2016: 


Overall, users have never really had the v1.2.7 firmware, as they directly receive the update to v1.2.8 incorporating }

"V1.2.8 and later firmware versions, including the sale of products do not exist this problem"  !!!???


SOURCE  Ninebot News


date : June 9 2017

"29,659 products are recalled + 27,341 products have been eliminated through the firmware upgrade" ( 57 000 Mini N3M240 around the world?)




About Nahambo (Changzhou) Autonomous recall part of the N3M240 balance car description


Recently, Nainbo (Changzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, a self-record of the recall plan. Since June 9, 2017, recalled from March 22, 2016 to May 24, 2016 during the production of the firmware version V1.2.2 and V1.2.7 N3M240 balance car. A total of 29,659 products are recalled, and about 27,341 products have been eliminated through the firmware upgrade. Nainbo (Changzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. will inform and assist the users of the remaining 2318 products in time to update the vehicle to the latest version of the firmware The


    This version of the firmware defect is a software algorithm problem, not a product hardware issue. Products that are not in this date range are manufactured with other versions of the firmware, and this defect does not exist. Vehicles within this version of the range, when the user riding close to the rated maximum speed, if you continue to make the body forward of the rapid acceleration action, may increase the risk of loss of balance vehicles. V1.2.8 and later firmware versions, including the sale of products do not exist this problem. The new firmware version adds the ability to intelligently detect the user's riding habits. When the user is speeding or hitting the vehicle, APP will push the message to warn the user to ride safely and at the same time reduce the rated speed of the vehicle to ensure The user's riding is safe.


Users can connect the vehicle through the mobile APP software, the vehicle directly to the firmware upgrade to solve the problem. You can also call the service hotline 400-607-0001 turn 9 to inquire whether the vehicle belongs to the scope of the recall and how to upgrade the vehicle to solve the problem.


Nainbo company will always put the user safety first, the user is recommended to ride the vehicle: wear protective gear, do not speed and speed up the ride, the latest updates to the latest firmware.


Recall Interpretation:


Q: How many cars are this recall?


A: The total recall of 2318 vehicles.


Q: How do I check if my vehicle is in the recall area?


A: open the phone APP, view the firmware version, firmware versions V1.2.2 and V1.2.7 belong to the recall range. Other firmware versions are not included in the recall range.


Q: What is the specific operation of the recall? Need to send the vehicle back to the factory?


A: The recall has nothing to do with the vehicle hardware, no need to send the vehicle back to the manufacturers, just yourself on the phone APP firmware upgrade to the latest version can be.


Q: Is the recalled vehicle because of quality problems?


A: The recall vehicles are no quality problems, but also the product hardware problems, but not part of the time to update the firmware of the vehicle can be updated in a timely manner.


Q: What kind of impact does the firmware do not upgrade on the vehicle? What will be the impact on the user?


A: firmware upgrade is to better improve the user riding experience, the performance of the vehicle itself has no effect. For users, the updated firmware can help users to develop safe riding habits, riding more secure.


China finally has its MINI PRO N3M320 (800w) for 464 euros / 507$!

Since last April 10, our Chinese friends can enjoy the MINI PRO as we know it, that is to say with a battery of 800w and an unreal autonomy of 30 km (25km max really).

Its price: 464 euros ! 507 dollars (3499yuans)


Source: CHINA MONEY NETWORK of May 04, 2017


Chinese NINEBOT store