Ninebot Mini (Xiaomi) battery hack (now I can put in parallel my external battery)


Our frenchy Genius SMALLEXIS did it !

Like a rainbow after a rainy day,

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Mini DIY External Battery

SMALLEXIS is an active member in the forum URBAN360 Forum, you can also meet him in the ELECTRICUNICYCLE.ORG forum, it is an assembly expert batteries and BMS, a true genius !

"Today I thought I would do a small external battery for my 9Bmini. I had already bought a small pouch (for bike) in this regard, I still have a good stock of cells (NCR18650B 3400mAh), a compact BMS with wires and all consumables. So no excuse not to put it. And here's the result : "

" Here the challenge is to be able to put 15 cells (for just a 190Wh) following the format of the cover (yeah otherwise there is no point) So there are two sets of six cells glued offset (to make it more rigid) and at the end, there are 3 cells (glued in triangle shape, for the same reasons) The packaging is not very nice either regular because I have recycled old packaging already used."

" I make a hole (with a soldering iron) to bring out the power plug, the charging socket, it is accessible froam the top of the zip. The goal is to have easy access to the charging socket, without having to remove the battery or remove the cover (even if it's quick and easy)."

"Once this little world inside the pouch closes perfectly. And may the soldering iron is hot, I make a GX12 -4P to LEMO adapter in order to use this external battery or on the mini or the 9B1."

"The battery creates a slight imbalance toward the back but nothing too bad. The cover fits perfectly on the mini, without causing any problem."

"And finally, without this being the initial target, this package also attaches very easily on the wrist of the 9B1 (though aesthetically it's less that)."