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Battery Original Packaging

Battery & Charger

The official battery has a flashing LED on the inside and a seal encircling the entire outline of the battery, 4-pin, she 4300mAh

The 100% load is when the charger turns green and the bars flash

When the bars do not flash but are all on there about 90-95% (it's safe for your battery life)

A little adice for battery & charge

When you load the MINI, the bars are all full, but they do not flashing, battery is charging around 85/90%.

This is a good charge level, to extend a Lithium Ion battery life

Of course, I also preferred to be fully loaded at 100% when the bars are flashing.

What I don't recommend is to charge the battery "hot", just after a ride, is not very good for the health of cells. I usually wait a half hour before recharging, the battery is "cold".

It's like a marshmallow, is deformed by taking in hand then it took to its original form, you can take a look, in app, the "remaining capacity", you will see that the level of battery increases when the mini is stationary.

Inside Battery by @Smallexis

SMALLEXIS is an active member in the forum URBAN360 Forum, you can also meet him in the ELECTRICUNICYCLE.ORG forum, it is an assembly expert batteries and BMS, a true genius !

He therefore remove the battery from Xiaomi MINI, and explains some interesting points.

Smallexis :

"The first step is to open the existing battery to see how it is made. But this time we must face the facts, NINEBOT set the bar high with a fairly complex BMS and industrial welds Points directly to the BMS.

So it is almost impossible to regain BMS for assembling the new cells. Anyway I do not venture me ........... sniff!

The grid that we can see is a protective grid, no ventilation because it is sealed with silicone.

I have shit to open the ABS case, but at least I saw what I wanted.

We better understand the presence on the implementation of the bookmark "BMS FIRMWARE VERSION" because it's a little more than a BMS is used.

I doubt that the Chinese copies battery can compete, so they will never be recognized by the app.

An original product NINEBOT must be compatible since it must use the same BMS on all mini version (single cell capacity change).

I have not yet closed the beast but it should be fine. I just have to find how to replace the silicone seal that left in tatters. "

Muchissima Gracias Amigo !

Photos de Smallexis membre du forum http://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/topic/720-lint%C3%A9rieur-de-la-batterie-dun-ninebot-xiaomi-mini/

Remove & mount the battery