Everything you need to know about Accessories for Ninebot Mini...(drones-kickstand,lock,carrying case, lighting...)


Official Trolley for Mini "S"

Also be used with sport cam

Warning !

The original price is 12 euros, so if you intend to buy it for import, do not pay 100 euros!

A good kickstand for Mini "S" & Mini Pro

Ninebot released an official kickstand for ours Minis

Unofficial kickstand

Before this official released, i ordered for less than 8 euros on Gearbest, and received in less than ten days, I bought a unofficial kickstand dedicated to Mini and Mini Pro models.

The assembly is very simple, using a simple screw, and the tip integrating perfectly with the bodyframe.

As you can see below, I do not recommend mounting it on the back of the Mini, the stand touches the rear lights and could in case of shocks, break them.