{The majority of the data on this page dates from 2016, 2017, since then, it has become impossible and unnecessary for me to include changes made to firmware and versions of the application, the change is constant}

Mini Driver Files

In the case of a Mini "S" or Pro, here are the three essential parts of our machines: a file dedicated to the firmware of the Mini, a second dedicated to BMS and its version, and a last one concerning Bluetooth. For the Mini "S" Plus we have other version files concerning the remote control, the internal radar, the camera, etc.

Issues, troubleshooting, activation etc...

Firmware Hack


App's issues, tips & use

Rider Tutorial

Mini Plus

Mini & Mini Pro

Firmware V1.3.1-V1.3.2-V1.4.0

Upgrade V1.1.7 to V1.3.1

Upgrade V1.1.7 to V1.2.8

Downgrade V1.3.1 to V1.1.7

Downgrade V1.2.8 to V1.1.7

Firmware V1.1.7 - V1.1.9-V1.2.2

{2016 data}

Application S HEALTH from Samsung is compatible with many ANDROID phones, you allow, through GPS, to know the distance traveled

(mileage), time, speed in real time, average speed, and a trip card that you can keep .

I put in parallel the NINEBOT app to compare the speed, average speed and mileage there are not big differences.


NINEBattery par MiMod

Alexei from MiMod.ru has designed this essential application to know the status of each cell of the battery of our Mini.

Do not forget to reward his wonderful work with a PayPal donation: https://www.paypal.me/mimod

The installation is done on an Android device, allowing "unknown sources", the application is safe. Then you just have to connect your Mini with Bluetooth.

{2016 data}


1/Ask your salesperson to help you activate it, otherwise

2/Ask a Chinese trader for help, he will surely have a mobile phone with a Chinese operator (carrier)

or Chinese students, they will help you


“Greater use of this model is limited due to the different product activation methods, this model can not activate the product for use in areas beyond Greater China (mainland China Greater China region comprises Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan)”

photo/foto/picture from Abasco - membre/miembro/member http://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/topic/646-vitesse-limit%C3%A9e-a-10kmh-environ/#comment-8923

For Xiaomi Mini models purchased after April 1, 2016, you may be asked for an Activation Code.

You are asked for a mobile number in China to enter the form, an SMS with the code is sent, you then have 60 seconds to enter the code.

In my case, I bought the Mini before April, I did not have this problem, an email was simply enough.

There are several solutions:

1 / Contact your reseller, organize an appointment via SKYPE

2 / Use a VPN as explained on the forum