Do you know everything about Mini?

Update 08/03/2020

Since 2015, there have been some changes.

To start with SEGWAY was bought by XIAOMI with its NINEBOT branch. Indeed Xiaomi has invested in Ninebot.

It is no longer astonishing to see Mini "S", or Plus, branded Xiaomi -Mijia-Mi with a Ninebot logo.

Winter 2015, the Xiaomi Mini Scooter appears, only on the Chinese market, it is the N3M240 model. November 2015 the MINI PRO N3M320 model is on sale in certain western countries. It will cost between 700 euros (Korea) and 1200 euros (Germany).

Note that in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the Mini Pro have been transformed into Mini Street with handlebars and support for a license plate.

The Mini Pro - N3M320, were sold by local distributors, initially were not identical between Spain, Germany, and other countries, then they were aligned. However, foreign buyers continued to acquire the Mini "S" N3M240 on import: it costs 1999 yuan in China / 275 euros and it is generally sold on the internet by Chinese resellers, today around 400 euros.

Sales of Mini Pro did not take off in Europe or elsewhere, indeed its release unfortunately corresponded to the various incidents on the overboard that caught fire. Suddenly, Mini were assimilated to overboard, while they have nothing to do with reliability, technology, practice. This is the most unfortunate thing, if it had not been for these fires, the Mini would have been very popular with the public.

The prices of this model have dropped sharply: Xiaomi has opened its stores across Europe, and even if it does not distribute the Mini "S" in its stores, Xiaomi has preferred to entrust the resale of Mini "S" via Rue du Comerce / Carrefour for France. The prices are very low.

The import of Mini posed serious concerns to local dealers. The consequence was the regional blocking of Mini "S".

Before April 1, 2016, a foreign buyer had to enter just an email and a password to register and activate their Xiaomi Mini.

After April 1, 2016, all Xiaomi Mini necessarily needed an activation code provided by an sms transmitted to a Chinese phone number. We then had 60 seconds to activate the Xiaomi Mini.

Many foreign buyers did not have a Chinese phone number to activate their Xiaomi Mini, then the MINI PRO (when they were put on the Chinese market, model N3M300). They had to have a friend in China and thanks to a Skype conversation, enter the phone number of this friend, who received the activation code and immediately transmitted it by Skype.

As you can see, it was not easy to buy in import, the cause was simple: European resellers asked for the locking of Mini sold in China (Regional Blocking) to limit their imports and to be able to resell the Mini Pro to amazing prices (1000 euros at the start!)

However, in 2015, the Mini "S" like the Mini Pro, had the authorization to be sold legally both in the United States and in Europe.

In an exclusive document of the FCC, dated April 8, 2016, for radio emission tests passed in December 2015, appear the N3M240, N3M320 and the N3M260. The transition tests to the FCC are based on the electronic hardware part including the bluetooth radio waves, so it is the same material on the three models.

The Mini Pro was favored.

The Mini Pro N3M260, which already appeared in the FCC authorization in 2015, was only released in 2018, with one exception: it existed in 2016 in a Mini Street version. The N3M260 is only a hybrid of the two previous models (battery identical to the Mini N3M240 called "S").

The Mini "S" Plus N4M340 was released in autumn 2017 in China, then in the West under the N4M350 model. In 2018, a "junior" version of the Mini was released: the Mini "S" Lite N4M160, with a battery identical to the Mini "S".

Since there have been no new models, just an interesting customization of the Mini "S", in Offroad mode, currently available on the Chinese market.

We can still add Loomo in 2018.


Mini "S" N3M240 (CN / 2015 then Occident / 2019)

Mini Pro N3M320 (Occident / 2015)

In November 2015, only the USA, Germany, the Emirates, Japan, Singapore and Korea distributed the Mini Pro

Mini Street N3M320 & N3M260 Ninebot/Segway 2016 Europe

Mini Pro N3M300 & N3M260 (CN / 2017) /

Mini Pro N3M260 (the hybrid, with the same battery as the Mini "S", Occident / 2018)

The Mini Pro arrived in autumn 2017 in China first under the N3M260 hybrid model then in spring 2018 in Pro N3M300 version, at the same time the hybrid was distributed in the United States in early 2018.

Opposite, the N3M260, or how to customize a Mini "S" N3M240 in Mini Pro

Mini "S" Plus N4M340 (CN/2017)

Mini "S" Plus N4M350 (Segway Occident/2018)

Loomo 2018

Mini "S" Lite N4M160 2017-2018

Mini "S" N3M240 version offroad (CN/2019)