So this kickstand ? It is easy to install, it has two openings that worry me a little for the infiltration of water, it leans the Mini back which is useful after a ride in the rain for the flow of water.

I find it essential for everyday life (public transport, storage), it should have been designed and integrated into the Mini PLUS.


Selling in China for 99 元 = $15.5/12.6euros

Underbody Mini PLUS


Environ 22,56 USD

Charger Mini PLUS


Environ USD 34,67

Hubcaps Mini PLUS


Environ USD 19.38-34.52

Fenders & Pads Mini PLUS

Owl ! It's raining all week !

Here, my feedback of my tests on an extension (removable and aesthetic) for all Mini modeles 's fenders



To newbies users this is an important tip :

When you clean your MINI, you can not remove and simply put back the pads.

Pads that are replaced from above are not properly replaced.

The plate, under the pads, which touches the joystick loses adhesion.

The result in driving can be disastrous.

The Mini no longer respond properly, no longer has the same responsiveness, driving is derived.

The Mini is the miniaturization of a PT-type Segway

All parts are nested to each other

If you remove the pads, you must replace them beginning with dismantling the bases of the pads.

There are several notches provided for inserting the pads.



À propos de USD 21.04-39.21

Handles Mini PLUS


Environ USD 24,07

Motor-Wheel Mini PLUS



Tire Mini PLUS

Tire better quality than original, size: 70 / 80-6.5

Tire type Offroad DIY, Size: 90 / 65-6.5


Environ USD 8.78

PAN TILT-PTZ Camera Cover-Flip Cover Mini PLUS

68,00 ¥

Environ USD 10.29