Segway Ninebot Mini Plus N4M340/N4M350


5 220 Mi / 8 400 Km with the Mini Plus

Mini J Ranking :


Great Job Mr Wang ! 😘 to your team

Design : 10/10

for having the admiration of all people crossed and mine first

Headlight is perfect !

"Follow-me mode" : 10/10

for its precision, its customizable setting, its usefulness in everyday life

Battery quality : 10/10

to have cells in very good health after 8,000 Km

Autonomy : 9/10

for taking pounds, enough to not have too much pain in the feet

Quality-Strength : 9/10

for having a serious accident and that he escaped unscathed

Waterproofing : 8/10

to have rainwater introduced in the cover camera and in the speaker of the steering

Firmware : 8/10

for some instabilities, bugs, and speed limitation (Please 20 ~ 22 Km/h)

Screws : 5/10

for having broken screws (steering shaft & hubcap), poor quality

Weight : 5/10

for having had three tendonitis in the arms, by dint of carrying his 16 kg on several meters, every day

Tires : 5/10

for having had to change the original tires after 1,000 km, but they are easy to remove

Unfortunately, if you tighten too hard you break the steering shaft screw, it's the worst that can happen.

Less serious, the small hubcap screws, which can quickly be damaged, so take it easy when unscrewing

The original tires, which wear out after 1000 km, fortunately, they are very easy to remove and replace, unlike the original tires of the Mini "S" or Pro.


I still try to operate the camera again, the menu is still in Chinese, it overheats, it's over, it's unusable.

Warning {20/02/2019}

Since last year, the menu dedicated to the camera in the Segway Ninebot application, is no longer in English but in Chinese.

It seems that Segway Ninebot has abandoned the support of the camera, the firmware.

I do not recommend buying it

Choose a sporty 4K camera or a drone instead