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Thank you Elephant Sessions for donating 100% profit from sales of Tyragarah to World Elephant Day to bring the world together to help elephants. Click the link below to buy the single today!

Ivory Free Canada

Source: the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada


More than 400,000 have signed the petition asking for an end to the legal trade in elephant ivory.
Help us get to 500,000 by World Elephant Day on August 12!

Nature and animals are part of my daily

Le Sanctuaire des Hérissons - The Hedgehog Sanctuary


Read the full story how i rescue a baby hedgehog in the middle of the day and advices how to rescue an hedgehog


World Elephant Day next August 12, 2019

2019 June 05 - World Environment Day

Elephant Haven

  • More and more European countries are banning wild animals in circuses.
  • There are more than 100 elephants in circuses in Europe.
  • We want to help because relocating them back to their country of origin is not always possible, while creating a safe haven for them is possible.
  • There is a need for elephant sanctuaries in Europe.







Akashinga “The Brave Ones” Female Anti-poaching Unit

“Empowering women from rural areas to protect nature is more marketable than trophy hunting.”


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Sea Shepherd

How a Mini can be useful at three o'clock in the morning...

Read the full story of the abandoned puppy I found in the middle of the night