You have to adapt to the MINI, and the Mini will adapt to you


You must restart the tutorial

You reset the factory settings, because the sensors recorded your previous driving and also remember your mistakes, ride your first mile quietly, cool, gentle, do not beep the Mini.


Then, after unlocking the speed, start driving slowly, avoid obstacles, bumps, drive a little faster by monitoring your speed on the application, without causing tiltback (beep alarm and braking if exceeded with tilting back of the platform so you do not continue to force on the supports)

You must start driving your first 50 kilometers with caution


You have to understand that speed does not seem fast when around you, bikes, cars go faster

This gives you stress and the urge to go faster


You must understand that driving is intuitive, with your feet and your center of gravity

You have to bend your knees, find at every moment the position of your body, adapt it to driving


You must anticipate obstacles

You must observe sidewalks, which you can climb without causing alarm beeps


To understand the force exerted by your feet, put two fingers on the pads

Put pressure everywhere and see how the MINI speeds up, back and forth, reacts.

You must feel with your fingers the strength that your feet must transmit to the pads.


Do not insist when it is beeping, do not force with your feet, you can be ejected forward, because it will lock and bend

When you are familiar with your speed, your behavior and the logic of the MINI, you will feel a lot of pleasure in driving it



Warning :

Between your orders that you transmit to the MINI by the pressure of your feet and the position of your body, the MINI has a calculation time shifted almost a second.


MINI-J Videos Selection: OFFROAD

mini j riding with ninebot mini crossing curbs

mini j riding with segway ninebot mini pro  in the rain ip54

Do not submerge the mini more than 1cm

Driving in the rain 15 minutes, hold the road well, dry thoroughly, wipe on arrival

mini j riding with segway ninebot mini pro  on snow ip54

Большое спасибо за эти видео, отличная работа ATOman 100 !


Thank you very much for these videos, beautiful work ATOman 100 !


Muchas gracias por estos videos, buen trabajo ATOman 100 !


mini j riding with segway ninebot mini pro  tiltback

mini j riding with segway ninebot mini pro faster





Do you want ride faster? (me too, but...)




1/ don't look the cars (except for security)


2/don't look bicycle (except for security)


3/ look only walkers, 


and you will feel go super fast.....




Like me, i ride the night, in countryside of Bordeaux, and with only 16km/h i feel really be fast


no much cars


no bicycle


but no walkers


Only rabbit in the camp join you to your alone ride in the night and bats are flying over you .... many time you can see fox accross the road at the horizon....


Really, riding by night is very quiet and you feel really 16/18km/h are good


Would you crash with 30kmh like speed , like EUC?


Me i rather prefer be crashed at 17/18km/h because i can jump safely from my mini and landing my body like a super hero AVENGER :)


Our mini with runaway issue imagine it after a crash at 30km/h 😭😭😭😭😭😭 loose money, research spare parts, imports parts, wait delivery....