segway ninebot mini plus review



The Mini PLUS is sold in China for 3499 元

that is 448 euros / 528 dollars

Gearbest sells 455 euros / 529 dollars with no shipping or customs fees

It's really the best price we can find


The order:


I get my Mini PLUS with Gearbest (Thank you Gearbest 😘)

The purchase was done without problem, I paid with Paypal, I enabled the return support option, I also took out insurance on my order (for the equivalent of 5 euros) 

The package was sent five days after the order. The first tracking number (track order 1) was only active after one week on the Chinese carrier's website. The invoice is available in PDF in the client interface. Shipping costs are free

How will the package travel ?


1 / it is sent from the seller to the Chinese carrier located at the beginning of the China Europe rail freight line


2 / the Chinese carrier will put it in a container . The container will be placed on a rail freight car


3 / the train that connects China to Europe will travel 10,000 km, in two weeks, crossing Kazhakstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland.

4 / Arrived in Poland, the package is supported by a Chinese carrier which entrusts it to a European carrier


5 / This transition will take a week or two because there are tons of goods to dispatcher


6/ From the time where a European carrier in Poland take charge of the package, until delivery to your home, it takes five days It is from Poland that the tracking number 2 (track order 2) is edited

The parcel was delivered to me by UPS. The package was in good condition. It is very heavy: 20kg





The steering cover must be correctly and carefully laid,

pressed, nothing should exceed engaged plastic level, to remove it takes long nails


The steering bar is very flexible, I hope it's normal


The trunk, too, is fragile, so open gently by pressing from above, and reposition it by first inserting the bottom

The charge:


I waited long after the bars were all on, then turned off but the load was full

The charger is smaller than the Mini and has a different plug




Is done using an account that you have already created on the application, with an email, a name.


Launch the application by connecting to it, update the firmware in "VEHICLE SETTINGS",



Accept the conditions,

Refuse the proposed insurance (only for customers Chinese), finally the message "ACTIVATION COMPLETED" appears.



You can switch to tutorials: follow them for driving and using the remote control. Once completed, you will have a final message on the complete activation, you must travel 1 km at the speed limit of 10km / h, once reached, you can unlock the mode "LIMIT OFF".



Driving & speed: it goes more than 19kmh in speed! Obstacle clearances are simpler, the range is very good, even with low temperatures, the technology is really improved since Mini Pro & Mini models.




With the remote control, be careful not to swing when walking, do not put it in the pocket, let discover the top of the remote.


Useful? Yes, in some cases, walk in the forest, or slippery terrain for the ride.


The mode "Follow Me" is great! The remote control to a fabulous joystick for the "REMOTE MODE"


Lighting / Headlight integrated in the steering:


Compared to the Mini / MiniPro, having positioned a unique and powerful lighthouse in the middle of the steering bar is a good initiative,

Original idea or observation made about the improvements made by the users of Mini who fixed lighting in the same place of their steering bar?



 I chose as my previous Mini, 3M adhesive silicone protections Billat designed for car mirrors. They absorb shock well.


 The bumpers in black and transparent silicone on my Mini



The transparent silicone bumpers on my Mini PLUS

On the edge of the chest, bonding is not total, it could come off, do regular pressure from right to left, so that the sticky surface adheres to the maximum. 



Of course, you can choose to buy the bumper dedicated to Mini PLUS



Again, Ninebot has improved over the Mini & Mini PRO tires.

Tires are reinforced on the sides.

For the Mini & Mini PRO, it is a sensitive area for punctures because it is difficult to repair on the sides with wicks.

In addition, sporty driving and cornering accelerate the wear on the sides of the tires of older models.

In the middle of the tire of the Mini PLUS, there is a reinforced edge which, again, is well thought out.

Indeed, the stagnant and girations use the flat area of the tires enormously, here for the Mini PLUS, it is a reinforced zone.

Preventing air leaks and punctures:


Dimensions 11" 70/80-6.5


When using the Mini, the tire can leak air under the effect of weight and terrain


The tire is found deflated and we find no traces of punctures


Using liquid silicone, it will "glue" the tire to the rim


It will surely wait for the next shock will leave exhausts air and inflate again the tire to the correct pressure, so that the liquid "glue" the tire to the rim, hardening


And in case of puncture, the liquid silicone hardens on contact with air


Mini PLUS is equipped with a valve Presta, unscrew using a disassembled shell


Once the air has escaped, plan half a bottle of Zeafal Sealant

Press the tire and release to aspirate the fluid

Clean the valve with a cotton swab

Screw the shell back, inflate to pressure 3.1 bar-45PSI


Keep the box and use the base ...


Road tests, sidewalks & off road

Outside temperature: between 12 ° C and 9 ° C (53.6-48.2F)
Total ride time: 1h33
Total mileage 24.7 km / 14,91291 miles
Average speed: between 15 and 17kmh (9,32057- 10,5633mph)
Total mileage since I received it, 13 days ago: 176 km / 109,361 miles

 So I compared the speed of the application with that of a running app in bike mode

On the alternative application, a speed peak was reached at the start of the ride at 18.5 km / h 11,18468 mph

The "Limitt Off" at Segway was at 19kmh 11,8061mph

When the Segway application displays 18-19 km / h the alternative application displays 2km less, we drive at 16-17 km/ h  9,94194- 10,5633 mph

However, at a slower speed the difference is decreased, and we have almost the same speed

Peak speeds at 20kmh are rarely achieved in both apps, although the Segway app shows 19-20 km / h 11,8061- 12,4274 mph

The alternative application estimates the duration of this peak speed to about 3 seconds, before the tiltback brings the PLUS to less than 19kmh  12,4274 mph

Because between 18kmh and 19kmh it is rare that the tiltback is alarmed, so we easily roll at a speed of between 18-19kmh at Segway, 17/18 km / h 10,5633 11,1847mph-  in alternative application


Crossing sidewalks and other obstacles (pipes, tar grooves ...):

As well taken from the bias the crossing is impeccable as much he can hit a miserable obstacle and emit a beep of droid not happy


Stability, reactivity:

The machine is stable on road, gravel, leaf, but in a straight line. On curves, turns, because of its power, I had trouble controlling my pressure on the pads.

My opinion, the pads are too big, I wear 44, and I try to position my feet in the center as it should, but it's still difficult time for a ride

The vibration of the control bar with the trunk is annoying, it emits a sound of plastic continuously,
at a certain speed or according to a grainy ground
On a new and smooth road, it is only happiness, silent, stable, no vibration, no drift of the machine

Plus is stable it drifts little, compared to Mini. But is it due to the firmware? My Mini is more flexible and sporty to drive than my Plus.



I almost took a nice bowl when the right wheel climbed on a pine tree half flattened (height over 3cm)

The right wheel went crazy,
it skated on it, I was destabilized, a very long sound signal was emitted,
I had to jump back and quickly catch up with the Plus before it hit a wall

Battery level:

I had a range of 4.5 km, 2,48548 miles  the maximum speed reached and in tilt back is 17kmh, the "Limit Off" is 16kmh, corresponding to 14/15 km / h in alternative application 

After a warm hour at home, two bars were displayed with an availability of 8.4 km 4,97097miles


Use of the "Follow Me" & "Remote" Mode:
So, always good, responsive, does not really consume, on the other hand, has it favored the disconnection of the Mini PLUS bluetooth?


Personal conclusion:



For less than 500 euros, we finally have a correct price for a Mini, spend more frankly I do not recommend, go ask those who paid a Mini Pro more than 700 euros

Justify a higher price because of the remote control and the mode "Follow Me" it does not hold because we find this technology on drones less than 150 euros


The remote control with its super joystick does not slip hands, it is aesthetic, a damper on active keys: blue light is hard to see without putting the remote in the shadow of the hand.


The Mini PLUS is beautiful, The plastic of the chassis and control bar is resistant , even though I have a concern about the plastic mudguards: indeed, these form a single block with the base pad, so in case of big shock that cracked the corner mudguard / base, the whole room would have to change.

The tires of their design do not allow to make pretty figures of style in turn, slowing down as I can do with my Mini. Driving is less sporty for my taste


The lighting is perfect for the front, the field is wider than the Mini PLUS itself,   the back, however, is not enough to be seen correctly, we must add a bright armband, for security.
The side lighting is beautiful and of course can be modified via the application

The tiltback beeps are annoying because more powerful than the Mini. The feeling TiltBack may have declined (-0.4)


White is dirty !
Plan baby wipes, I also plan to add a sticker protection inside each mudguard, there is a shoe / flank friction of the fender, in the long run it will be difficult to clean.

The Mini PLUS will exist only in white, it is Wang, number 2 of Ninebot who assured it (in any case for the N4M340). Maybe the Western model (n4m350) will have a black variant that I advise you. But the blue lighting is superb with the white.


The slow charge is endless but it's three times the power of my Mini, one and a half times that of a Mini Pro. The battery being only thirteen days, it tends to improve.


The weight of the control bar really not possible to place the Mini PLUS against a wall, the kickstand will be essential


The resistant handles, compared to those of my Mini (which were not really handles) can lift, carry the Mini PLUS: we finally have a Mini TRANSPORTABLE !


Various expenses: yes there is some, zefal sealant for the tires, door protections for the front & back, I consider buy latter a tracker sim-gps in case of theft, and some stickers of additional protections.


If you have less than 500 euros to spend, that you can afford to finish your month correctly, and the next month go to a concert, go on a weekend, go out with friends, in this case, yes I advise you his purchase.


But you have to be a cool guy, do not look for speed,


18 kmh ( 11,1847mph) announced in China or 20 kmh ( 12,4274 mph)  maxi advertised in the West, it's the same, we talk about the peak speed, and the one I've already reached a few seconds, it's just an interpretation commercial about the limits of the Mini PLUS.


Wait for spring, winter and low temperatures clutch both the rider and the Mini PLUS in its potential.


On the other hand if you are in a hurry, that you search the speed, turn rather towards a electric scooter or an EUC.


The Mini PLUS hits the road, right, endless, but not more than 17-18 km/h  (10,5633-11,1847mph) in cruising speed, it allowed me such talk with raptors that revolved around me ....


Good ride to all 😘