NO ! Finally ... But if at the airport, you can not board the MINI with its battery, you need to separate yourself from the battery.

Result: you have to buy a battery to your back, and it's more hassle to find.


Several possibilities are still to consider.


1 / Buy a MINI directly to a physical dealer that also has an online store on Aliexpress, and it shipped as everything is negotiable, it is perhaps possible to have local price + postage ( do not forget the area with lock-activate mobile phone in China.


2 / Bring your MINI without the battery and find a dealer willing to send you the battery in its share of MINI it exports.


3 / You are rich? So it does not matter, why don't you buy the original battery MINI PRO 400 euros


4 / By sea freight, forget, it's quite expensive and long


5 / Who says you really bring a MINI Original? Go take a look in "true / false"



Warranty ! Once back in your country, do not rely on the Local NINEBOT to ensure the SAV (maybe if you're friends with ... it could work ...). The Xiaomi MINI is not distributed outside China officially its warranty covers the purchaser living on Chinese soil.



You will see with your Chinese dealer directly for these services please is very important to have been in his presence when purchasing, to unlock the MINI but also to ask him questions about the warranty it offers.




Only possible guarantees if imported:

Contact your dealer, keep copy screen and mail sent, if paid with paypal grab "dispute" / "conflict", valid also on aliexpress.