Segway Ninebot Mini Nano

When Ninebot released the Mini Lite, intended for children, perhaps the success was not there. As proof, the Mini Lite has disappeared from this infographic of Mini models.

The specs of the Mini Lite being similar to the specs of the Mini S / N3M240, in terms of power and autonomy but with a more minimalist design

On May 13, Ninebot presented its "Nano" model.

Then it was officially released on children's day in China.

Presumably Ninebot has worked hard on a model that adopts an ergonomic design more suitable for children.

And it seems very successful!

It is a waterproof and impact resistant model, during its presentation it was immersed in water and fell more than a meter, the Nano was still operational.

Its particularity lies in a voice assistant which replaces at any time the warning messages that we have with the application.

This voice coming out of the waterproof and bluetooth speaker of the Nano, accompanies the child as well in learning during the tutorial as throughout a journey with voice reminders depending on the situation (speed limit, reverse, low battery, ect).

The speaker also allows you to listen to your own music.

53cm high, 53.5cm long and 26cm wide with a body thickness of only 62mm and a weight of 10.3kg.

The power button is located on the single platform that acts as a single pad.

On the hardware side, we have 8.5-inch solid wheels ...

accompanied by hubcaps with double led rings,

Simplified assembly for better sealing and resistance

More extensive tests

The speed is limited according to three driving modes:

safety mode is 7 km / h,

novice mode is 10 km / h and

sport mode is 14 km / h.

Autonomy announced of 13 km

As a kickstand, there is a reinforcement of the steering shaft cover, allowing the tilt of the Nano to place it properly. The handles are thicker

two rear lights ...

and a single front led strip.

Price of versions

The standard version is pre-sold at 1399 yuan or 182 euros / 197 dollars

Super Flying Edition is pre-sold at 1599 or 208 euros / 225 dollars

Car n ° 9 Nano is available in white, pink, blue and to color yourself.