LOOMO & Loomo 's Tablet Internal official pictures


LOOMO presale in China

LOOMO on pre-sale in China for ¥ 9988 or 1254 euros

It's the same price as the One Z10 (in China)

But it is still cheaper than in Europe where it sold for € 1699.

The Chinese version has exactly the same hardware (including tablet processor) as the model currently sold in the US and Europe.

Even the charger is a "fast" charger (120W)



The INDIEGOGO campaign is over. They won a lot of money, really big money, Buyers and donors have been very generous with Ninebot's Segway (robotics) : $1,191,226 USD Total funds raised !

Unfortunately, Segway (Robotics) Ninebot is not too grateful to his donors and buyers

when a contributing buyer asked :

"" Restaurant Briseteia Jeser 9 days ago

Congratulations for the million dollars!

for the occasion will you offer contributors the extension kit? ? it would be cool

Segway RoboticsActivist 9 days ago

Sorry Mathieu: / that's a great idea! But we will not be offering the extension kit for free. Apologies ! ""

Loomo Hardware Extension Bay

🤣🤣Extension Kit cost only $49 ($29 indigogo buyers + $20 shipping)

Extension Kit (Loomo Hardware Extension Bay) is :

"Loomo Hardware Extension Bay

Accessory - Loomo Hardare Extension Bay ($29 Indiegogo-Only Deal plus $20 Shipping). With the accessory, you can: 1) Expand your Loomo with a standard Android 5.1 powered USB 2.0 port and 2) Leverage a 24-volt power supply (1A limit). Shipping to US, CAN, UK, and EU select countries (please see FAQ for full list of countries). VAT not included."

$29 ! and he does not offer it to their $1,191,226 USD contributors !

It's amazing, the price of LOOMO is very expensive, the Indiegogo campaign brought them a great publicity, their competition to win a Loomo allowed a great visibility via social networks.

$29....23.87338 EUR (usb conector)

by putting it in the Loomo package they would have lowered their carbon footprint environmental impact....(kg CO2)...

The LOOMO firmware has been made available to developers since last JUNE

I have not found any new FCC documents on the FCC LOOMO model validated last July.

which means that no technical improvements have been made since July.

Like ANKI's COZMO American robot, LOOMO is particularly intended for a coding-sensitive & geek audience, but i rather prefer Cozmo 😏....

In official FCC documents, LOOMO is black and MINI PLUS is white

The opposite would have been better (white and blue metal for Loomo like R2D2) and black for the Mini PLUS because it is off road. The design of the Mini PLUS is really beautiful, it's a success, I'm not talking about problems related to firmware or used materials I think that Xiaomi / Segway / Ninebot's choices are very much influenced by cultural factors & roots but also by Western ideals (APPLE sacred by Ninebot engineers)

100 million US dollars were injected by Ninebot in October 2017 "to increase its investment in the field of robotics and smart short transportation to further improve the company's global business development and layout"


Today they closed an INDIEGOGO Crowdfunding project, and they obtained $ $1,191,226 USD raised by 1000 contributors , it's incredible !

They are very strong, they did not need that money, it's just the typical funding for a communication campaign.

In fact, this communication campaign, it is not Ninebot who paid but his customers but who bought? Engineers, developers, businesses, shops, some individuals, segway associates, segway employees ? Official resellers ?

But they will never sell the LOOMO at $ 1799, I can not believe it (it's the price of a NINEBOT ONE Z10)

As I can not believe that SEGWAY ROBOTICS sold LOOMO for enterprises at $ 5999 !

Cozmo really rocks...not sure Loomo will be more funny...


(Merci @Mathieu

Source :

LOOMO Customer Version Specs


LOOMO presale

On 6 March, Segway Robotics launched LOOMO presale on a crowdfunding site Indiegogo. This is quite amazing considering that Ninebot had injected a $ 100 million capital into its R & D.

There were 20 pre-sales at $ 999/805 euros

Then a hundred to $ 1299, yet another for 50 buyers at $ 1399 / 1128euros and the final price will be $ 1799 / 1450euros

Delivery is scheduled for next May.

  • More about LOOMO (user manual, FCC internal pictures...)
  • More about LOOMO/INDIEGOGO campaign
  • What do others think? (EUC Forum)


and finally, our friend Loomo, whose components are already a year old, is in presale and will be available in November 2018 at the price absolutely amazing of 1699 euros, while the first buyers could have to less than 900 euros, then others at 1200 euros...


Loomo Consumer Edition

Exclusive: the first words of LOOMO !

Loomo is equipped with moisture sensors on its fenders, its artificial intelligence analyzes the composition of the mud.

You will hear him speaking according to these parameters by:

"Who is the idiot who laid me a rotten design for my fenders!" 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😠😠😠

Mini & Mini PLUS (and some Mini PRO, those with rounded fenders): the same problem with fenders.

LOOMO is lucky, it does not rain in NEVADA.

The Apple symbol is very important to Ninebot engineers, Apple and Steve Jobs helped to inspire them. It is possible that Loomo will come out for the anniversary of Steve Jobs (February 24th)

LOOMO Consumer Edition just released yesterday at CES 2018 in Vegas.

For now no price has been announced, the Academy & Business version is $ 5999, this consumer version is announced for sale in the year 2018.

The data sheet on the Segway side is the same as the Mini PLUS, to which we add a tablet and some artificial intelligence (like if it comes out the garbage you will hear it yell ... also if it comes back full of mud thanks to the super design of the fenders of Ninebot)

Source :

" Unlike other consumer robots that are typically smaller and can only operate on flat surfaces at home, Loomo is designed to handle all types of terrain including grass and bumpy road surfaces. As such, Loomo can be used both indoors and outdoors and is the most versatile robot companion for you to take on adventures. Ride Loomo to the park, where it’ll recognize you and your friends and follow you autonomously. Gesture to Loomo and have it take a picture of your picnic party, before making everyone laugh with its wit and personality. Loomo will be your very own personal robot companion.

With enhanced computer vision, depth sensing and other AI-driven capabilities, Loomo has the ability to recognize items such as objects, faces, and voice, enabling it to seamlessly interact with its user and the environment. And this is only the beginning. New features will be pushed out every month after launch, so that your robot companion will continue to get smarter over time. Its Android-based platform allows 3rd party developers to build exciting new features based on Loomo’s mobility and AI foundation. Our robust community has already attracted top developers such as Intel, BMW, and Stibo Accelerator, and it is open to anyone interested in helping to bring Loomo’s future features to life.

Segway Robotics has also been working closely with enterprise partners, leveraging Loomo Go – a hardware extension of the existing Loomo platform where the robot pulls along a delivery box – to help solve the last mile delivery problem. Initial pilots indicate positive results, achieving efficiency and cost savings for companies while also improving the end consumer’s experience. Use cases for Loomo enterprise are not limited to delivery however, but also include surveillance, security, retail, medical treatment, and a whole range of other commercial applications.

Li Pu, President of Segway Robotics, comments: “In 2017 we experienced a giant leap forward in terms of AI and are excited by the endless possibilities that Loomo developers have shown us. There is a strong demand for robot products given the increasing alignment in technology, functionality, reliability, and price. We feel that this adoption will pick up further in 2018, with robotics applications becoming popular in various industries and everyday life. The consumer edition of Loomo will be available for purchase in the weeks following CES. Lots more to come!”

CES 2018 Official Loomo brochure

thanks @houseofjob EUC member

complete topic and pdf brochure here


SOURCE: from "Segway Robot SDK Jump Start Tutorial"