GoKart Pro & MAX

September 11, 2020

Here is official news on the MAX (update september 10, 2020)

Official serie name N3M432 (for China, but will be different for rest of the World)

I think Mini handlebars fans will jump for joy with the LeanSteer....

Price in China : 4499 ¥ = 657$ = 555 euros

Specs :

(with and without retractable steering bar/handlebar)

(421-521) X 578 X (952-1242) mm

supported weight (Chinese specs ok) 85Kg/187lbs

MAX weight : 22.8Kg / 48.5Lbs

Max.speed 20KMH / 12.4MPH

Range : 33 km / 20.5Miles

IP 54

Motor wheel 500X2

2400W X2

More specs and pictures into the album below

August 12, 2020

Gokart Pro Lamborghini Edition has just been released, some photos are available in the updated album below ...

03 08 2020

Hey yes, Ninebot is innovating! Finally solid tires, specific to GoKart Pro and Mini S-Max

On the other hand, it will not be so easy to change "along the way" since we will have to unscrew the hubcaps to remove or insert the tire either intended for the use of the GoKart Pro or intended for the single use of the Mini S-Max

The photos are in the google album below, the guide to remove and replace the tire too, the tire price in China too

An improved version of GoKart was presented on May 25 in China.

It will be accompanied by a new model of Mini Pro: the Max

Price around 8 998 rmb 1 148 euros or 1 261 dollars US

Pictures, technical sheet ... It's in the album below

Copy / pasted of the Chinese / English translation of the GoKart PRO presentation

source Ninebot China

After a lapse of two years, the No. 9 robot has released a new upgraded version of the kart on the line-the No. 9 Kart PRO. The new car is developed in cooperation with professional drivers. Up to 26 hardware and software upgrades, more appearance, equipped with CST front tires, TPE Sport drift rear tires, 4800W peak power air-cooled motor, 432Wh four-channel air-cooled battery pack, and four-unit engine sound wave simulation system.

The maximum acceleration is 1.02G and the top speed is 37km / h. According to official introduction, the power performance of this electric kart exceeds The 150cc fuel kart can realize the functions of power drift and inertia drift. The most interesting thing is that it can also be used as a powerful electric balance car after simple disassembly and assembly. It is more fun to play on one machine. The go-kart will be available for pre-sale starting from 10:00 on May 25. The pre-sale price is 8998 yuan, the deposit of 100 yuan can be reduced to 200 yuan, and the No. 9 riding helmet is also given.

High-value professional racing design, both adults and children can play

Different from the white appearance of the old No. 9 balancing car kart conversion kit, the overall appearance of the No. 9 kart PRO is mainly metallic gray. The steering wheel back to the standard, the seat belt, the headlights, and the silk screens of the body are all decorated with green.

With texture and racing style. The body length can be adjusted in 4 gears, and the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted in 3 gears. It can be easily controlled from a child with a height of 1.3m to a big man with a height of 1.9m. With it, there are joyful carriers for family mobilization and racing dreams flying in the drift.

The No. 9 Kart PRO uses a high-strength steel frame with an effective load of up to 100kg, which provides better torque rigidity and can effectively cope with road impacts at high speeds. TPE soft anti-collision front lip and The aerodynamically shaped TPE side skirts bring better impact

cushioning performance and driving safety, avoiding problems such as the bumper breaking before a slight impact. The front of the car is also equipped with a "laser green" LED headlight, which is convenient for driving at night. The steering wheel with the index finger is made of soft PU, which has greater friction and is more comfortable to hold. The highly wrapped racing bucket chair can effectively support the driver to resist the centrifugal force when cornering. The aerodynamic rear wing is added to the rear, and the shape is more competitive on the track. At high speed, the rear airflow can be combed to stabilize the body posture.

The accelerator and brake pedals have also been upgraded to racing-style stainless steel metal pedals. In addition, PRO can also be folded, and can be placed in the trunk of most cars after being fully folded, which is convenient for carrying and transportation.

Power configuration: 4800W air-cooled motor + 432Wh four-channel air-cooled battery pack

The No.9 Kart PRO is equipped with two air-cooled motors with a peak power of up to 2400W, a maximum torque of 96N · m, a maximum acceleration of 1.02G, and a maximum speed of 37km / h, which is more powerful than the ordinary kart car. The motor adopts double heat dissipation structure, and the peak performance is maintained longer. It surpasses the power performance of 150CC fuel karting, bringing a full acceleration experience.

In terms of batteries, the No. 9 Kart PRO is equipped with a 432Wh super-large battery. When fully charged, it can open 62 laps on the 400-meter track continuously, with a typical range of 25km. The battery pack adopts a four-window heat dissipation design, which can maintain a stable energy supply even under the speed of the vehicle, which is more durable and smoother

The same model of super running, CST front tire + TPE sports drift rear tire

The car structure of the No. 9 Kart PRO adopts RR rear drive (engine rear, rear wheel drive), and the classic model 911 in the famous sports car brand

Porsche products also uses this form of drive. The weight ratio of the front and rear of the body is 40:60. After the vehicle's center of gravity is off, the rear engine is very close to the drive shaft, so the transmission efficiency is very high and the acceleration is faster. At the same time, the adhesion of the drive wheels is large, so the vehicle also accelerates more stable.

CST tires are used for the front tires, which increase the friction, have a high grip, and are safer for high-speed cornering. The rear tire is a newly customized TPE sports drift rear tire. The friction and comfort have been carefully adjusted to make it easier to achieve drift dynamics when the vehicle is fully accelerated or told to turn. The tire adopts quick-release design, which makes the tire replacement faster and more convenient

The four driving modes can be as fast as you want, and the difficulty of drift can be adjusted No.9 Kart PRO can be connected to the mobile phone APP for more intelligent functions, such as viewing vehicle information, customizing the color of the ambient light of the chassis, upgrading the firmware, selecting the driving mode, and so on. After connecting to the "No.9 Travel" APP, you can choose from four driving modes, the speed limit in safety mode is 8km / h, the speed limit in novice mode is 18km / h, the speed limit in sports mode is 28km / h, and the speed limit in track mode is 37km / h. Xiao Bai, who is a beginner, can adjust his own speed to the great god of the vertical and horizontal arena.

Thanks to the powerful motor, high-capacity and high-discharge battery, and specially tuned quick-release drift sports rear tires, the Kart PRO 9 can achieve dynamic drift and inertial drift. At the same time, the drift difficulty of PRO can be adjusted. After connecting to the APP, select "Dynamic cornering". By adjusting the power of the inner and outer wheels, the vehicle can be more "flicked" or more "push head", thereby changing the characteristics of the corner To suit the driving style of different drivers and the characteristics of different tracks. PRO is also equipped with a highfriction handbrake, which can realize the handbrake drift function.

Can emit four kinds of super running engine sound effects, and can also play mobile phone music The No.9 Kart PRO comes with 4 × 8W high-power engine speakers, which can simulate four engine sound effects: single-cylinder engine sound effect, dual-cylinder engine sound effect, V8 engine sound effect, V12 engine sound effect, let you feel like super running The hearing experience has a very high return rate.

At the same time, it also supports the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, which can play the music in the mobile phone or the computer, and the sound quality is also quite good.

Security protection: a combination of software and hardware protection system

In terms of safety protection, the aforementioned TPE soft front lip, side skirts and steel main beam can provide protection for car owners. In addition to hardware protection, PRO also has technical protection systems, such as fault detection mechanism, once it appears When a fault is detected, the vehicle will brake urgently to ensure the safety of the personnel, and the audible and visual alarm will be performed at the same time; the power-on self-test function detects that the accelerator is depressed when it is turned on, it will not respond to the throttle signal and will sound and light alarm until the throttle is released Return to normal to prevent the vehicle from rushing out when the accelerator is stepped on; automatic parking function, when the vehicle is at rest and the accelerator is not stepped on, the vehicle automatically starts parking, and even if it is affected by external forces, the vehicle will remain Stop in place to prevent coasting. In addition, the vehicle also has a temperature protection function, battery overcurrent protection function, motor stall protection function, driving prompt sound function, both older and younger children can drive with peace of mind.

It is worth mentioning that the No.9 Kart PRO also uses a technology called dual redundancy communication in terms of communication stability. It uses both wired and wireless Bluetooth communication methods as a security backup for each other. When the mode fails, another method can be quickly used to ensure normal use of the vehicle.

Buy a car and get two cars: a kart and a balance car The No.9 Kart PRO can be used for one car and two purposes. It can be used as a kart, or the power unit can be removed and used as an electric balance car.

The balance car is a newly designed MAX 9 balance car. It is a new member of the No. 9 balance car family. It is also the benchmark for the performance, battery life and experience of the No. 9 balance car so far. It continues the classic minimalist and elegant design of the No. 9 balance car, with powerful performance, two 2400W motors, 432Wh super-capacity four-channel battery pack, with a speed of 20km / h and a long battery life of 38km.

Want to own it the first time? The first wave of appointments is not to be missed

The No. 9 Kart PRO was developed by the No. 9 robot for two years, with a total of 33,000 kilometers in cooperation with professional racing drivers.

They have pursued the ultimate pursuit of track lap speed and handling performance. They have carried out countless track tests and design modifications before they are built. This real professional kart. I think, anyone with a dream of racing in their hearts ca n’t refuse such a professional-level kart: sit on this ground-flight artifact, drift at a speed of up to 37km / h, draw circles on the spot, the joy of racing turns out to be so " Unpretentious. "

At present, this kart that can be played by the whole family is in the ninebot flagship store of Tmall Mall, the official flagship store of Ninebot, and the pre-sale of Xiaomi products. The price is 8998 yuan, and the pre-sale deposit is 100 yuan. Yuan, also presented the black No. 9 riding helmet.

Participate in the pre-sale to get this product for the first time. The first car in life is really easy to get. Quickly become the first person to race the car in the circle of friends!

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