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In 1898, Gustave Garnier "Girrane" imagine the "Minuscules" : electrical and portable tiny car that everyone can have easy, because they will be within reach of every budget."

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29/08/2019-What's New this week ?

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Released in limited edition last June in China, the Mini N3M240, renamed model "S" in the West, benefited from a rather nice makeover. We'll think about the custom SCOUT model from More4Mini.


Off-road tires, always 10.5 ", fenders that are shrunken and do not serve any purpose,

the integration of two accessories that were sold separately :

the folding trolley (which serves as a support for a sports camera), and the kickstand.


I quickly disillusioned after dreaming that the hubcaps were rimmed with red LEDs, 11" tires,  I was hoping to see the battery of the Mini PRO / S PRO adapted to this customized model.


A limited edition sold 2300 rmb is 290 euros / 321 dollars.



Thank you Elephant Sessions for donating 100% profit from sales of Tyragarah to World Elephant Day to bring the world together to help elephants. Click the link below to buy the single today!

Ivory Free Canada

Source: the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

More than 400,000 have signed the petition asking for an end to the legal trade in elephant ivory.
Help us get to 500,000 by World Elephant Day on August 12!



I'm third in the world, for the Mini PLUS model 😋




The Mini PLUS is a very good model !


I know almost everything about Mini

It's a passion

I am affiliated with resellers, I earn a commission if you buy with my links

I know almost all prices, all spare parts, where to find them



Unfortunately, these resellers have not been honest with me

So I stop the Shopping Guide

I have a large database of spare parts more than 1000 links, including for EUC like Gotway Inmotion, Rockwheel, and kickscooters


I worked days and days, three years on this site, that you do me the honor to visit every day, since 152 countries



InMotion E2-E3:


Ninebot will suffer from this competitor !


InMotion has just released in China the equivalents of the Mini "Lite", Mini "S" and Mini Pro models.


Come see the exclusive FCC photos, model comparison chart, promotional photos and user manual ...

2019 June 05 - World environment day






Alexei from has designed this essential application to know the status of each cell of the battery of our Mini. 


Do not forget to reward his wonderful work with a PayPal donation:


The installation is done on an Android device, allowing "unknown sources", the application is safe. Then you just have to connect your Mini with Bluetooth.