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25/03/2019-What's New this week ?

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 NB9675 Modèle SNSC 2.0



Flash sale Insta360 One X


$385 / €343


(Officials prices USD $433/ EUR €491)


Coupon A0IXD72LK7



Segway Drift W1 267.00€ Flash sale with coupon GBW1339

Countries: Europe (UK include^_^) Russian Fed

M365 Error Code explained

ES1 ES2 ES4 Error Code explained



720.90€ InMotion V10 with Gearbest

Order with Paypal, take shipping garantee (unlock adblock before order thank you )


Countries available list & shipping fees: 

Belgium France Germany Italy Poland Spain UK Austria Bulgaria Croatia Czech Rep Denmark Estonia Finland Hungary Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Romania Slovakia Slovenia Sweden = free shipping

Portugal + 0.57€ - Greece +0.57€ - Ireland +0.57€

Russian Fed + 15-30 business days    63.42€


“Empowering women from rural areas to protect nature is more marketable than trophy hunting.”


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Poor Loomo !



There is no one at Segway Ninebot in the world who is able to give the right price for Loomo !


Its price in China is ¥9988 (€1312/$1492)

Its price in USA is $1,499 (€1319)

Its price in Europa is € 2.299 ! ($2612)


Warning {20/02/2019}


Since last year, the menu dedicated to the camera in the Segway Ninebot application, is no longer in English but in Chinese.


It seems that Segway Ninebot has abandoned the support of the camera, the firmware.

I do not recommend buying it


Choose a sporty 4K camera or a drone instead

In March 2018, I tested the PanTilt



In the end, a big disappointment with this camera.

The beginning was catastrophic to find compatibility with a phone, the signal being 5.8 Ghz.

The operational phase went very well, the result photos and videos were at the rendezvous.

It was necessary to translate the user manual.

Finally, the camera is out of service for a few months, the image is transferred upside down, the camera has become unusable and no contact is possible from Segway Ninebot or the manufacturer FIMI.

Is this due to updates of the application? The menu dedicated to the camera is no longer in English. He came back in Chinese.

M365 PRO


Ninebot Segway has, since October 2018, registered the FCC certification for the M365 Pro model. His arrival in Europe and the USA is scheduled for next June.



It has just been released in presale in China on Xiaomi's website, the first deliveries will start on February 18, it is sold at the price of 2799 yuan or 365 euros / 413 dollars.


An extended range of 45 km and a display are some of the new features of this PRO model.



Igor contacted the engineers of Ninebot China, he received this solution


You can join his facebook group here

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Best Wishes to All Mini Users



N4MZ98 : GoKart Kit



User's Manual available




GoKart Kit


Prices just released in China :


Segway Drift W1 for ¥1999元 = 251 euros / $292


GoKart Kit for ¥2999 元 = 377 euros / $439


Gokart Kit + Mini N3M240 for ¥4998 = 628 euros / $731

LOOMO does not have a kickstand ! It's a shame at this level of technology and this price !


As Segway Ninebot did for the Mini PLUS, the official kickstand will come out later and will be sold separately, while the location is already planned. See the unofficial kickstand for the Mini PLUS in the Shop Guide

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