In 1898, Gustave Garnier "Girrane" imagine the "Minuscules" : electrical and portable tiny car that everyone can have easy, because they will be within reach of every budget."
In 1898, Gustave Garnier "Girrane" imagine the "Minuscules" : electrical and portable tiny car that everyone can have easy, because they will be within reach of every budget."

17/01/2019-What's New this week ?

Igor member of EUC Forum contacted Ninebot China engineers


They made a video to reactivate the battery of the One Z


You can join his facebook group here

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Indeed I just found information of a massive recall of scooters LIME in the United States, the ES2 but also another model that can only be the M365, which have defective batteries, if you already have one I can only advise you to charge them correctly with the original charger, indeed the "juicers" surely use fast chargers and scooters of Lime are not maintained.


The real reason for the recall of scooters from LIME in France is mainly related to the defective batteries of the Segway ES2 or even the additional battery (ES4) that could catch fire

We find the information in more detail besides the Atlantic where the, it is quoted more than 2 000 removed gear, as well as the existence of another model meeting the same defect,

I think it's the M365 but I'm waiting for an answer on the defective ES2 serial number I asked LIME USA.


While Segway Europe does not communicate, there was a press release from Tony Ho Vice President Segway / Ninebot USA I can not access it I am not subscribed to Washington Post, there are several press articles



A massive recall has been ongoing for a few days in the United States



LIME accuses Segway Ninebot of the fault and Segway Ninebot accuses the misuse by the "juicers" (those who recharge the scooters) and the lack of maintenance of the fleet of scooters by LIME.

It is clear that Segway Europe, which is the main supplier of these self-service scooters on the old continent and LIME Europe will not communicate in this light about the current recall of scooters

There is a lot of lack of transparency on the part of Segway in general, it is a company that is in full success, Segway Ninebot Xiaomi ES2 & M365 scooters are selling well, especially in Europe, LIME has been advertising for the brand since it appears on the scooters self-service


If you want, Segway Ninebot is like children doing a pretty drawing, but to whom we ask, "Why did not you color it?" And the children's response is "It's over, I was especially eager to show it to you "


This is the big problem with this company is that the successful products are not completely finished in terms of security (remember about firmware V117 issue, and Mini bodyframe)








Les annonces de Segway Europe Moyen Orient Afrique



The Drift W1 are announced at 399 euros, available in October, while they can be purchased at less than 320 euros. While they cost ¥ 1999 in China is 250 euros.


The One Z10, according to an Italian media will be sold soon to 1699 euros while its Chinese price is

¥ 9999 or 1252 euros ... No availability.



and finally, our friend Loomo, whose components are already a year old, is in presale and will be available in November 2018 at the price absolutely amazing of 1699 euros, while the first buyers could have to less than 900 euros, then others at 1200 euros...






N4MZ98 : GoKart Kit



User's Manual available




GoKart Kit


Prices just released in China :


Segway Drift W1 for ¥1999元 = 251 euros / $292


GoKart Kit for ¥2999 元 = 377 euros / $439


Gokart Kit + Mini N3M240 for ¥4998 = 628 euros / $731

I ordered a quick charger for the Mini PLUS with a "TaoBao Agent",
very soon a review on this charger and on purchases with agents TaoBao

LOOMO does not have a kickstand ! It's a shame at this level of technology and this price !


As Segway Ninebot did for the Mini PLUS, the official kickstand will come out later and will be sold separately, while the location is already planned. See the unofficial kickstand for the Mini PLUS in the Shop Guide

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